Bunny Pair In Labs Experience Sunlight For The First Time In Their Lifetime.

Donna and Figaro, once restricted to a lab for testing and breeding, have found a new lease on life thanks to Save the Buns and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. These inseparable pals had never known the freedom to just be bunnies until their rescue lately.

Riki Higgins from Woodstock Farm Sanctuary shared that the duo, having never been treated as individuals, arrived scared and confused. The idea of stepping outside and feeling grass under their paws was a whole strange idea for both.

“They were timid [and] had not been treated as if they were individuals up until that point,” Riki Higgins, a member of the team at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, shared.

When the two best friends first arrived at their new house, they were terrified and perplexed, but they soon started to feel at home. And it was finally time for them to experience the real world, as neither of them had ever been outside before.

“They were curious, eager to explore [and] encouraged each other,” Higgins said.

Curiosity and encouragement guided their daily activities, making their world infinitely richer. Donna and Figaro now love outdoor jumps and cozy snuggles atop their houses.

“They’re doing great,” Higgins said. “Donna is very outgoing, and Fig is more reserved. They love to go outdoors and jump around and then snuggle together on top of their houses inside.”

After a long journey, Donna and Figaro have everything they need and more, cherishing every moment of their newfound life. For those inspired to contribute to their joy, donations to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary are greatly appreciated.

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